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Jonathan Fader - Qualifications

Martial Arts:

  • IKMF International Krav Maga Federation: Practitioner  5

  • CT 707 Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga Instructor - Under Nir Maman

  • IKI Israeli Krav International Certified apprentice instructor - Under Moshe Katz

  • CKMI Combat Krav Maga International Instructor - Under Lior Offenbach

  • IKF International Kapap Federation Instructor - Under Amit Himmelstein 

  • Instinct IIC - Integrated Israeli Combatives Offical Representative - Kfir Itzhaki 

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt <1st Degree Black Belt Mike Hansen < 3rd Degree Don Whitefield < 7th Degree Red/Black Belt Ricardo De La Riva < Carlson Gracie

  • Krav Maga Training in IDF Infantry

  • Training in Kyokushin, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Wing Chung, Kali/Escrima/Arnis under various instructors via classes and seminars



Qualifications & Courses:

Occupational Health & Safety Certificate (BCIT)

Construction Safety Coordinator (BCIT)

Has held EMR, Level 3 First Aid designations (Various Schools)

Magen David Adom First aid Responder (Magen David Adom: Israeli ambulance services)

Basic Military Field First aid (IDF)

Auditor Training (Construction Safety Network)

Train the Safety Trainer (Construction Safety Network)

Foundation for health and safety excellence (Construction Safety Network)

Early and Safe return to work (Construction Safety Network)

Basic Infantry Training (IDF)

Advanced Infantry Training (IDF)

Negev Light Machine Gun Operator (IDF)

M-24 Sniper Weapons System Operator (IDF)

H.S Precision HTR 2000 .338 Sniper Weapons System Operator (IDF)

Infantry Sniper School (School of Sniping and Counter-Terrorism (IDF))

Israeli Dynamic Response Shooting - Tactical Hand Gun Operation (CT 707 - ISFKM - Under Nir Maman)

NRA Range Safety Officer (National Rifle Association)

NRA Pistol Instructor (National Rifle Association)

Certified Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor (RCMP)

Associates Degree in Psychology (KPU)


Operational Experience:

West Bank operations

Golan heights operations

Battalion Exercises

Petra Foerster 

Born and raised in the far East of Germany she started practicing Judo at the age of 6. In December 2012 she decided to move to Vancouver and stumbled into Krav Maga at the end of 2014 at a gym downtown Vancouver.

In fall of 2016, she switched to UTKM and is enjoying the great community of Kravists here. Later Petra got interested in BJJ and started to practice and is currently a Blue Belt.

Currently holding a Black Belt in Judo she is training Judo at the Kensington Judo Club. 

Petra is also now a UTKM Full instructor as of 2022 and is a a UTKM Krav Maga Blue Belt. She also loves too share a little bit more of Judo as she is a Black Belt, with whoever is interested. Petra was also certified as an IKF instructor in June 2019

Current UTKM Rank: Blue Belt

Judo Rank: Black Belt

BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

Karch Tan 

Karch has been training with UTKM since 2016 and despite have previously trained martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Boxing) nothing had keen able to keep his interest until he started his Krav Maga Journey. It has since rekindled his love for the Martial arts and now also trains Boxing and Judo regularly where he holds a yellow Belt.


Karch is currently working on his criminology diploma with the ultimate goal of becoming a LE agent though he is actively involved in hands on experience and gets to practice what he knows more than he would like.

Karch completed the assistant instructor course several years and teaches whenever his schedule allows.

Current UTKM Rank Green Belt

Judo Rank: Orange Belt

Corey Owens

   Born in West Germany to parents in the Canadian Air Force, Corey came to Canada when he was three years old.  He was interested in martial arts at a very early age thanks to the “ninja craze” sweeping through 80’s cinema, though he did not have an opportunity to start formal training until later in life.  Corey moved around a lot, such is the life of a military family, spending the majority of his youth in Northern Alberta, where the main physical pursuits were hockey, football, and losing oneself in the forest.
  It wasn’t until his twentieth year on Earth that Corey came across an ad for Wing Chun lessons in the multipurpose room of the university he worked at.  The class started with eight eager students, but within a few weeks essentially became private training, which allowed for drilling down into the essence of Kung Fu fundamentals.  From that day forward Corey consumed any and all martial arts info he could get his hands on (“The Sword Polisher’s Record: the Way of Kung Fu” by Adam Hsu is the only book Corey has ever read through twice).

  After a brief stint as a bouncer, Corey pursued an Anthropology degree the martial arts continued to be a focus of interest, leading him to write a Master’s thesis comparing the master-student relationship in Hung Gar Kung Fu and Olympic-style Boxing.

  After ten years of training Wing Chun, with a few years of Hung Gar, Boxing, and numerous other Kung Fu styles sprinkled in, Corey found himself (due to yet another move) without access to a good Kung Fu school.  He saw this as an opportunity to try something more practical, less mired in tradition, and perhaps more applicable to the modern world than butterfly sword forms.  Krav Maga fit that description, and Corey has been training with UTKM since 2019. Corey achieved his Orange Belt in 2022 and Assistant Instructor designation in 2023.

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