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Due to high demand we need to limit the amount of new students per week.
Please sign up to our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as we are able to have new intakes. 


Krav Maga (Self Defense)


Krav Maga is our specialty and it is what we are known for. It is the core program for Turning Lambs into Lions. Our instructors are highly trained to teach you how to truly walk in peace. 

New members are limited to the defense classes for the first month (With a min of 4 classes) and no sparring.

4 Week Unlimited Trial


Try out as much Krav Maga (N) Defense Classes as you want for only $80 with no commitment.

4 Week Unlimited Trial + Defense Package


On top of your Trial get all the Defense gear and Uniform for 10% off the gear

4  Week Unlimited Trial

+ Warrior Package


On top of your Trial get all the required gear and Uniform for 20% off the gear

*First time members only. 

First Class Instructions


  • Show up 10-15 minutes early and sign a waiver.

  • Wear clothes that you would wear to the gym.

  • No shoes on the Mat's unless approved by an Instructor.

  • Don't forget your water bottle. 

During 4 Week Trial


  • During your 4  Week trial you can come to as many Defense as you can that are labeled as (N) for new students.

  • Once you have created your account please download app:


Use the same email you created an account with us to log in. Use this app to sign in for classes and track your progress.



After your Trial


After your trial you can sign up for our hassle free contracts

  • Terms of - Three (3), six (6) and twelve (12) months available starting from $100 a month

  • Month to Month No Contract options available also

  • If you haven't already you will need to buy the appropriate mandatory safety gear and school uniform.

  • You can then attend ALL defense classes and if approved Warrior Classes.

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UTKM Krav Maga Self Defense - Post Test Group Photo
UTKM Krav Maga Self Defense - Post Test Group Photo - Yellow Belt