Adult Krav Maga

Our Adult Krav Maga program can be tough and intense and is designed for people who are serious about learning to defend themselves.


We do not teach fitness, we teach Krav Maga. We have only one goal:  that you learn skills to protect yourself so can go back home safely to your loved ones every day. Although our class is not a fitness class, the class can physically demand (More so the warrior class) and we will constantly challenge you to better yourself. We believe that the more you sweat in training the less you will bleed on the street. While the training can be hard, we take safety very seriously. Our head instructors have backgrounds that include civilian and military first aid courses and one has a background in OH&S.

The day you choose Urban Tactics as your place to train, we feel we become personally responsible for you. We feel obligated to make you ready for the possible dangers that you could face on the street and in life.


We hope to see you in class so that you too may walk in peace.

Adult Krav Maga - Defense Classes


The Defense Class is our basic beginners class. You must stick to the defence class during your 1-month trial or during your 1st month. It is still the basic fundamental class and it is expected that all regularly training students take this class is it is the base of the curriculum.


This classes focuses on technique, concepts and general fitness.


Though we will still do aggression drills they will not be full contact variations. This is a SEMI contact class that is more technique based than our warrior class.


This class is open to all levels and experiences.


Adult Krav Maga - Warrior Classes


The Warrior class is our more advanced beginners class. It expands on the same techniques but with more aggression, pressure and Contact. In addition, we have regular Sparring. This class is for people with 1 month or longer Krav Maga experience.


A key part of Krav Maga is developing a person's mental abilities to process danger and react to it rather than just practising techniques. Because of this, our warrior class is designed around the Israeli Military style of training that involves aggression drills and full contact sparring


This class is perfect for serious martial artists, Law enforcement and Military personnel. Because of the nature of the training, it is likely an individual will better understand what it is to be in a serious conflict.


  • This is a  light CONTACT class. Mouth Guards are recommended.

  • This class is open to all persons with 1 month or more Krav Maga experience.

  • This class is required if you are serious and wish to rank up in the UTKM which includes controlled sparring.


Warrior Class Sparring


Sparring is 100% essential to Urban Tactics Krav Maga training. Sparring does not have to be hard and with proper protective gear, sparring can be fun, enjoyable, but still safe.


In sparring, students can practice aggression, power, judging distance, and learn how to handle themselves under stress. Students can also put their techniques and fighting skills to the test to see what works for them and what does not.


Remember, no one is exactly alike and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The only way that you are going to find out what works for you is though sparring with opponents of various sizes, strengths, heights, ages, and abilities.

  • No Mouth Guard, No Sparring

  • Full gear required - Groin, MMA Gloves, Mouth Guard, Helmet with Facemask

  • Sparring is light contact 10% of your force most of the time

  • Sparring is closely monitored by instructors.

  • If someone hits too hard let them know.


What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is a practical and tactical system which teaches how to prevent, and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. Krav Maga prepares individuals for situations that may require self-defense for one’s self or loved ones as well as develop situational awareness to help avoid such situations from the beginning. Krav Maga was developed in Israel, under realistic and demanding a conditions.

Krav Maga is a horizontal system with a unique and logical approach. It is easy to learn and retain, with easily performed natural and intuitive movements.  It is very practical to use under stressful conditions as the moves are built off the normal untrained reactions that people generally have. The moves also use the quickest simplest movements and often use aggression and surprise to both simultaneously defend and attack at the same time.

Krav Maga prepares Individuals to function in all circumstances and scenarios, in all combat and fighting environments, according to their needs and risks they may face on the job or in life. Krav Maga helps individuals develop tactical, physical and mental awareness and encourages constant growth and improvement.

Krav Maga is NOT a martial art; it is a mentality and a SELF DEFENCE system. There are no competitions. It is meant for real life and teaches you how to survive all situations so that you can go home to your family.


And lastly, it is the simplest, most effective form of self defense in the world!

The man,The Legend, The History - Imi Lichtenfeld
(The creation of Krav Maga)

Imrich ("Imi") Sde-Or* is credited with opening the first public school for Krav Maga and is a big reason that Krav Maga is what it is today. He was born in 1910 in Budapest,  Hungarywhich at the time was one of the centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He grew up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, in a home where sports, law, and Central European education were equally respected. Samuel Lichtenfeld, Imi's father, was undoubtedly quite a unique figure. At age 13 he joined a traveling circus, and for the next 20 years engaged in wrestling, weightlifting, and various demonstrations of strength. For him the circus was also a school, where he met people involved in a wide variety of sports, including some quite unusual ones. These people taught Samuel what they knew - including various martial arts.

With his father's encouragement, Imi became active in a wide range of sports. He first excelled in swimming, and subsequently in gymnastics, wrestling, and boxing. In 1928, Imi won the Slovakian Youth Wrestling Championship, and in 1929 the adult championship (in the light and middle weight division). That year he also won the national boxing championship and an international gymnastics championship. During the ensuing decade, Imi's athletic activities focused mainly on wrestling, both as a contestant and a trainer.

In the mid thirties, conditions began to change in Bratislava. Fascist and anti-Semitic groups appeared, determined to upset the public order and harm the city's Jewish community. Imi became the un-crowned leader of a group of young Jews, most of them with a background in boxing, wrestling, and weightlifting. This group attempted to block the anti-Semitic bands from entering the Jewish quarter and wreaking havoc there. Thus, between 1936 and 1940 Imi took part in countless violent......

A story has been told, that one time,  Nazi hooligans  came  into the university hitting and punching Jews. Suddenly a young man showed up and confronted them by hitting  and biting them and then disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. The story spread and  one name stood out above the crowd.  "Imi". In  1940, having become a thorn in the side of the anti-Semitic  local authorities as a result of his activities, Imi left his home, family, and friends and boarded the last immigrant ship that succeeded in escaping the Nazis' clutches. The vessel was an old riverboat named Pentcho, which had been converted to carry hundreds of refugees from Central Europe to the land of Israel (then called Palestine). The gripping story of the Pentcho and its passengers is told in detail in the book Odyssey by John Birman (published by Simon & Shuster, New York, 1984). Imi's private odyssey aboard that ship and after wards, which was filled with thrilling episodes, took about two years. At one point on his journey, thr ship hit a rock.  Imi went with a small boat looking for help and eventually was found and taken by the British to Egypt. There Imi he had several surgeries as he got an infection on his face that caused paralysis.

He was asked by Yitzchak Sade to help the "netotim" in the hagana (one of the para-military groups, that operated in Israel prior to the founding of the state and creation of the IDF) and teaching them self defense . In 1944 Imi   arrived in Palestine and began training fighters in his areas of expertise: physical fitness, swimming, wrestling, use of the knife, and defenses against knife attacks. During this period, Imi trained several elite units of the Hagana and Palmach (striking force of the Hagana and forerunner of the special units of the IDF), including the Pal-Yam, as well as groups of police officers. In 1948, when the State of Israel was founded and the IDF was formed, Imi became Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness. He served in the IDF for about 20 years, during which time he developed and refined his unique method for self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. Imi personally trained the top soldiers.

During his service he married Ilana and adopted her child as he did not have his own child he always said: I do not need children, you are my sons "(his students).

After he finished his active duty, Imi began adapting and modifying Krav Maga for civilian needs. The method was formulated to suit everyone - men and women, boys or girls, who might need it to save their lives or survive an attack while sustaining minimal harm. To disseminate his method, Imi established two training centers, one in Tel Aviv and the other in Netanya. Among his students was Yitzchak Rabin. (Former PM of Israel, assassinated by a Jewish fanatic in 1994)

Even during his last years, Imi continued to personally supervise the training of those who had attained high ranks in Krav Maga, and to spend time with the instructors in Israel and abroad. Imi monitored the trainees' progress and achievements, captivating them with his unique charisma and imparting them with his lifelong lexicon of knowledge in Krav Maga and self defense.

Imi, a teacher, a warrior and a great human being, passed away in the early morning hours of January 9th 1998. Thus the legend was dead but not his legacy.

Lead Instructor

Jonathan Fader -  Co-Founder

 Lead Instructor

Since a young boy, I had always been fascinated with the military and martial arts. It was not until the age of 21 when I decided that my career in Occupational Health and Safety was not exactly what I wanted to be doing at this stage in my life. I decided to drop everything and pursue my dreams of learning martial arts and joining the military. I decided because of my heritage that I would like to join the Israeli Defense Force. However, from the time I made the decision until the time I moved to Israel, it was almost a year which gave me time to start my Krav Maga journey. In 2008 I started training in Krav Maga originally under the IKMF lineage.

In 2009 I moved to Israel and served almost 2 years in the 84th infantry brigade, 424th battalion called Shaked. During my military service, I was trained as a rifleman, Light Machine Gunner, and Infantry Sniper. I also learned military Krav Maga as required by the training. I did tours of duty in both the West Bank and the Golan Heights. I was involved with everything from roadblocks to arrests and riots.

In the late summer of 2011, I returned to Canada.   I felt that this was my home and where I had to be. I immediately started training Krav Maga again with my former colleagues and IKMF Master level 3 Marcus Torgeson. In order to improve my combat skills since my return, I also started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and dabbled in other styles from Kyokushin to Muay Thai. I also have extensive Firearms training from both the IDF and other organizations. Since then I have also become a certified instructor in various other Krav Maga organizations such as IKF, CT707, CKMI, IKI and have trained with individuals, IKMA, KMG, IKMF and others. I have done this with the goal to truly understand Krav Maga and the different approaches all while updating my skills and knowledge regularly.


On top of my Krav Maga Training, I regularly train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I originally started under team megaton Black belt Trevor Clarkson, but when I started teaching Krav out of Budo Mixed Martial arts I made the switch. Originally under multi-time world champion Scott Boudreau, Under West Coast BJJ founder Don Whitefield (Black Belt under De La Riva). Now I train regularly under the now owner Black Belt Mike Hanson also a WCBJJ Black Belt. I have also trained via seminar or school visits the likes of Luanna Alzuguir, Lucas Lepri, Megaton, Michael Langhi, Bernardo Fario, Marcelo Garica, Rob Biernacki and Matt Kwan.


In addition, I have dabbled in Boxing, Kyokushin Karate, Arnis, Kickboxing, JKD,  and knife fighting under various individuals of different backgrounds and linages.


However, no matter what martial arts I have learned I have always found that Krav Maga is by far the simplest and easiest and most effective system. Other systems take years to be able to actually use in self-defense situations while Krav Maga takes months. Without a doubt, it is the most effective form of self-defense on the planet. I wish to work hard so that I can achieve my goal of becoming a full instructor.


I hope to see you in our classes and look forward to helping you develop confidence and learn the art of self-defense.


Jonathan Fader

Assistant Instructors

Karch Tan

Karch has been training with UTKM since 2016, and despite having a martial arts background (Tae Kwon Do & Boxing), nothing had been able to keep his interest until joining Krav Maga. Aside from teaching, Karch also trains in the other two disciplines offered at UTKM, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Outside of UTKM, Karch is currently working on his Criminology diploma to become a Law Enforcement Agent in the future. Karch hopes that his knowledge & martial art skills will serve him well in his future career path.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Petra Foerster

Born and raised in the far East of Germany she started practicing Judo at the age of 6. In December 2012 she decided to move to Vancouver and stumbled into Krav Maga at the end of 2014 at a gym downtown Vancouver. I


n fall of 2016, she switched to UTKM and is enjoying the great community of Kravists here. Later Petra got interested in BJJ and started to practice, soon offering help with the stand up fighting.


Currently holding a brown belt in Judo she started training Judo again at a Burnaby Dojo, after a long break.


Petra is also now a UTKM assistant instructor for Krav Maga and a UTKM Orange Belt. She also loves to share a little bit more of Judo with whoever is interested. In June 2019 she was also certified as an IKF instructor.

UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew joined UTKM in 2015 when his daughter demanded a practical self defense method and Krav Maga is that. 


Before UTKM he had done Shotokan Karate, Aiki-jutsu, Wushu. He practised Yang Style Tai Chi since 1997and still practices today. 



Andrew enjoys teaching people to learn Krav Maga so that they are better prepared to deal with the kind of things he knows all to well can happen to people whether they like it our not. 



UTKM Rank: Orange Belt

Dave Young

Dave is a musician from Port Moody, BC.  Besides his pursuit of musical prosperity, he has also long had an interest in martial arts which his father kindled by putting him in Tae Kwon Do during his teen years.  Dave enjoyed the discipline and the training but when he learned of the practical and real-world nature of Krav Maga, he knew he had found the style that suited him best.  Training in Krav Maga has become a part of Dave’s lifestyle, and he is currently a student and assistant instructor with Urban Tactics Krav Maga.

UTKM Rank: Green Belt

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