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Adult Instinct IIC: Krav Maga
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What is Instinct IIC Krav Maga?


Instinct Integrated Israeli Combatives was founded by Kfir Itzhaki, who wanted to create a simple approach to Krav Maga focusing on natrual instinctual responses and the psycholoical aspects of Krav Maga. Instinct offers a challenging but quick progression as it understands that not everyone has the time to spend their life dedicated to learning Krav Maga. 

  • INSTINCT IIC is an international organization for combat training, self-defense and psychology, which is currently considered one of the world's leading organizations in this field. Hundreds of civilians - men, women and children, and members of the law enforcement forces - police, army and security.​

  • The organization was founded in 2012 by Kfir Itzhaki, and currently has ten branches in different countries around the world such as Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Honduras and more.​

  • The organization conducts and offers seminars, instructor courses, monitors courses, level tests and digital courses for hundreds of participants each year.​

  • A major emphasis given to students is the psychological side of combat. During the study, the student acquires many and varied mental tools while being deeply acquainted with the instincts, the subconscious and the structure of different mechanisms of the brain. The knowledge is based on real cases only, while constantly developing and refining the insights according to the changing terrain and operational reality, both security and civilian, and according to the most up-to date brain studies.​

  • As part of the organization's management, Kfir Itzhaki flies to several different countries each year, to deliver courses, lectures, instructors certifications, level tests, as well as to supervise and provide professional and business guidance to INSTINCT's representatives.​

  • The organization's representatives have a broad reputation in the field of Krav Maga and martial arts, and are leaders of large communities of students in their country. Some of the representatives are from special units, and some even serve in key positions in the field of combat training on behalf of their country.

Our Adult Instinct IIC Krav Maga program (age 13+) offers a modern but more traditional Krav Maga experience. This is our secondary program (Our primary program is the UTKM Program) for those looking for a faster progression and/or a more traditional Krav Maga approach keeping it simple and focusing more on self defense situations.

Classes are 3 hours long and held once a month on a sunday. All classes will start with physically demanding exercises to prepare you mentally and physically to learn your techniques.

In order to progress rapidly  in the Instinct IIC system your must also attend regular UTKM classes and these classes.

Some classes will have sparring, some will have considerably more stretching but all will have techniques as well as situational training to help you prepare yourself for violent situations both in body and mind.

About Kfir Itzhaki - Instinct Founder

elite counterterrorism unit Made famous by the Book Brotherhood of Warriors by Aaron Cohen, and was the unit that inspired the internationally renowned show “Fauda”. Kfir eventually became the head of combat training for Duvedevan.

During the training period in the military, he lost his short-term memory as a result of a training accident, which had a profound effect on Kfir and changed his outlook of training methodology. After he completed training phase in Duvedven he was sent to represent his unit at IDF's Karate Championship, where he won the gold medal.


Kfir eventually completed IDF's Krav Maga instructors course as well as IDF's senior instructors course, with in the highest ranking and was selected as an excelled instructor in both courses.

As a civilian, Kfir was awarded two civilian medals of bravery and heroism after saving a girl from getting raped, and following another incident in which he chased and took down a terrorist with his bare hands during one of the most severe stabbing attacks during the Knife "Intifada". During this intervention which as a civilian he had no obligation to engage with, Kfir himself was injured. Despite the injury and another instant of extreme adversity, Kfir still decided to finish his law studies and continue to lead the organization he founded Instinct IIC.

His actions and contribution to the safety of the State of Israel have received international recognition in many media outlets around the world, and he has been awarded the prestigious "Guardian Of Israel" award by StandWithUs organization. Thousands of people attended the awarding ceremony in Los Angeles, including ambassadors, IDF and US Army officials, as well as former Israeli and American security forces personnel.

The tools, insights, and hair-raising experiences he has gone through over the years, Kfir shares during his flagship lecture, "Fear Wisely", which he delivers in Hebrew, English and Spanish, for organizations and institutions in a wide range of fields. And also lead him to writing the Best Selling Hebrew book “Unconventional Weapon - The Complete Guide For Using Fear” soon to be available in English.

Kfir’s Martial Arts Journey Started with Karate and he eventually became a regular participant in  professional martial arts competitions, and eventually won the Israeli Karate Championship. Prior to his mandatory enlistment in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), he was on the verge of losing his sight following a surgical operation.


In his military service, which included an extended service, he served as a Special Forces operator in "Duvedevan" - IDF's 

Kfir 3_edited.jpg

Common Questions:

  • What is the difference between the UTKM and INSTINCT IIC Krav Maga Programs

    • UTKM's main Krav Maga program is a hybrid program combining traditional Krav Maga Self defense applications as well as integrating modern combatives from wrestling, Judo, Kickboxing and more. At its higher (Advanced) levels it has also integrated firearms training and professional applications for police an military. This means that achieving a black Belt in the UTKM system will take considerably longer, about 8-15 years as there is far more to cover and learn. The Instinct IIC Krav Maga program is a more traditional Israeli Krav Maga program focusing more on that which is needed for basic self defense application​ mixing all curriculum into the classes to give you a faster learning curve and progression. Getting the highest rank of, מִקְצוֹעָּן 2
      ("Professional" MIKTSOAN 2) can take 5-6 years.

  • Can I do both the UTKM and INSTINCT IIC Krav Maga Programs?

    • Yes, in fact by doing the UTKM program you are already learning much of the Instinct IIC techniques as they are incorporated into our own program. We also have additional seperate classes to refine the Instinct IIC specific techniques and help prepare individuals for Instinct IIC testing which is seperate from UTKM testing. All unlimited Contracts can do these additional classes, one day a week class contracts will need to pay an ADD on fee of $15 per month.

  • What ranking system does Instinct IIC use 

Instinct rating system.png


UTKM Krav Maga - Jonathan Fader

Jonathan Fader - Head Instinct IIC Representative - Certified Instinct IIC Instructor 

Since a young boy, I had always been fascinated with the military and martial arts. It was not until the age of 21 when I decided that my career in Occupational Health and Safety was not what I wanted to be doing at this stage in my life. I decided to drop everything and pursue my dreams of learning martial arts and joining the military. Because of my heritage and timing, I choose to join the Israeli Defense Force. From the time I made the decision until the time I moved to Israel; it was almost a year which gave me time to start my Krav Maga journey. In 2008 I started training in Krav Maga originally under the IKMF lineage.

In 2009 I moved to Israel and served almost 2 years in the 84th infantry brigade, 424th battalion called Shaked. During my military service, I was trained as a rifleman, Light Machine Gunner, and Infantry Sniper. I also learned military Krav Maga as required by the training. I did tours of duty in both the West Bank and the Golan Heights. I was involved with everything from roadblocks to arrests and riots.

In the late summer of 2011, I returned to Canada.   I felt that this was my home and where I had to be. I immediately started training Krav Maga again with my former colleagues and IKMF Master level 3 Marcus Torgerson. In order to improve my combat skills since my return, At this time I also started my BJJ Journey.

Since then I have also become a certified instructor in various other Krav Maga organizations such as IKF, Instinct IIC, CT707, CKMI, IKI and have trained with individuals from IKMA, KMG, IKMF, and others. I have done this with the goal of truly understand Krav Maga and the different approaches all while updating my skills and knowledge regularly.

My regular training in BJJ originally started under team Megaton Black belt Trevor Clarkson, but when I started teaching Krav out of Budo Mixed Martial arts I made the switch. Originally under multi-time world champion Scott Boudreau, Under West Coast BJJ founder Don Whitefield (Black Belt under De La Riva). Now I train regularly under the now owner, and 1st degree Black Belt Mike Hanson also a WCBJJ Black Belt. I have also trained via seminar or school visits the likes of Luanna Alzuguir, Lucas Lepri, Megaton, Michael Langhi, Bernardo Fario, Marcelo Garica, Bruno Malfancini, Robert Drysdale, Julio Cesar Pereira, Andre, and Angelica Galvao, The Mendez, Brothers, and locals Rob Biernacki and Matt Kwan.

I have extensive Firearms training from the IDF and other organizations and in 2019 was certified as a Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructor.

In addition, I have dabbled in Boxing, Kyokushin Karate, Arnis, Kickboxing, JKD,  and knife fighting under various individuals of different backgrounds and lineages.

No matter what martial arts I have learned I have always found that Krav Maga is by far the simplest and easiest and most effective system. Other systems take years to be able to actually use in self-defense situations while Krav Maga takes months. Without a doubt, it is the most effective form of self-defense on the planet.

In 2022 after having Kfir on the Warriors Den podcast, Jonathan was invited by Kfir to become Canadas first Instinct IIC representative.

I hope to see you in our classes and look forward to helping you develop confidence and learn the art of self-defense.


Jonathan Fader

Lead Instructor

Petra Foerster

Certified Instinct IIC Instructor

Karch Tan 2023 - UTKM assistant Instructor.jpg

Karch Tan

Certified Instinct IIC Instructor

Anna Montgomery 2023 - Assistant Instructor.jpg

Anna Montgomery

Certified Instinct IIC Instructor

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