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Kids Martial Arts

Richmond Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts Richmond

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Self Defense

Kids Self Defence

*Richmond Only*

First Month Only $80 

Receive a free uniform with Sign up

Classes Tue -Thursday

  • Junior Kids Class (5-7) Time: 4:30-5:00 

  • Kids Classes (8-12) Time: 5:10-6:00pm

Our Kids program gives your child the opportunity to practice many Martial arts disciplines all in one great program. Our program includes Krav Maga Self Defense/ Kickboxing and BJJ/Grappling. For one low price, your child can be ranked in 2 different styles giving them the opportunity to grow into whichever they like when they are older.


Have you done everything you can?
Have you done everything you can?
  • To arm your child to succeed in school?

  • To help them learn to live a healthy lifestyle?

  • To develop their self confidence?

  • To help them develop the best manners?

  • To teach them how to stay safe and unharmed?

Kids BJJ.jpg
Kids Uniform

Mon & Wed - BJJ/Grappling


Club Gi pants and Gi Top and BJJ Belt


Tue & Thur - Krav Maga/Kickboxing


Club Gi Pants and Krav Maga Belt



Preparing my child for class

Make sure your child has the appropriate uniform and belt for the day (See above). Bring lots of water or other fluids your child is used to and do not let him/her eat any heavy meals or junk food within two hours of any class. Please make sure that he/she is wearing tight fitting clothes or pants pants under their uniforms. They don’t need any additional equipment the first month but make sure that all jewelry is removed before class.

Here are several great reasons why you should sign your child up today:

  • Your child’s confidence and self esteem will go up Just twice a week is all it takes and within a few our programs will child will change.

  • Your child will behave better and be calmer in school. Kids need a safe place to live out their emotions while learning to put them towards something worthwhile.

  • Your child spends every second of it’s time well. We are using a carefully designed curriculum that maximizes the class time.

  • You child will be healthier! Martial Arts are a great way to loose weight and makes up for all the idle hours in your child’s day.

  • Your students will listen better at home. The learning is very physical with us and kids understand it better because they experience it

  • Your child will learn manners!We teach 24 great manners to the kids all year around making sure they behave well at all times.

  • You child will have better focus and concentration. You will see a noticeable improvement in these areas since we are challenging your kid in every class

  • Your child will be safe at school & play. Our realistic Martial Arts programs teach your child self- defense that actually work in real life

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