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Krav Maga Training Gear

As Krav Maga literally translates to Contact Combat it means there is some level of physicality. For your safety, The following gear is mandatory. Please do not use gear that is not approved by us for safety reasons. All gear can be purchased directly from us. Deals are available if you by them with your 2-week trial.

Defense Class:

  • Mouth Guard

  • Groin Protection

Warrior class:

  • Defense class gear

  • Sparring Gloves

  • Sparring Helmet

UTKM T-Shirt - Mandatory Uniform

Our T-shirts are a Mandatory Uniform required to be purchased after a 4-week trial. Students are expected to keep their shirts clean and show up to class wearing them.

Shirts are free with a 6 month or longer contract.

$35.00 + Tax

Mouth Guard - MANDATORY

Mouth Guards are a mandatory purchase for all Krav Maga Students.We stock these items for sale.If you would like to purchase a specific brand or get a custom mouth guard you are more than welcome to but more expensive is not always better when it comes to mouth guards. So long as it is fit properly they are more or less all the same.

$10.00 + Tax

Head Gear

Only approved headgear may be worn during Krav Maga Sparring and more aggressive training. The Pro Force Thunder head gear is the more expensive of the 2 pre-approved options however people tend to find the fitting better with this brand. Approved head gear is a Mandatory purchase for the Warrior classes or Krav Maga sparring.We stock this brand for sale.We have some spare's available to borrow but only a limited amount.

$75.00 + Tax

Groin Guard

No Groin No Krav Maga! We highly recommend that you purchase a groin guard regardless if you are male or female. Traditional sports cups are also allowed. We have no limits on to which groin protection that can be worn. If you are especially concerned wearing a traditional sports cup under the pants and one of these types outside of the pants will give you more protection. We only stock the drako outside groin protectors. We have a limited amount of spares available to be used.

$20.00 + Tax

Basic Sparring Gloves

Unlike many Krav Maga gyms, we train with MMA gloves instead of boxing gloves. This is because the way you fight with Boxing gloves is radically different than how you fight bear handed. As such we wish to emulate realism as much as possible. We stock Drako Wrist wrap gloves but any brand our type is acceptable. We do however recommend a brand that offers wrist support as we do not have time to use standard wraps during class time.We have a limited amount of spares available to be used.

$40.00 + Tax

MMA Sparring Gloves

If you want a bit more finger support and your hands fit these awesome gloves then consider getting a second pair of gloves to train with.

$45.00 + Tax

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