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Urban Tactics Krav Maga - Rank Recognition

We do not offer direct rank recognition, However, if you can prove to us that you have put in the time and have the skill we will allow you to challenge our tests in order up until the point we feel you are ready.



Q.How do I challenge for a UTKM rank equivalent to my current rank?


A. You must:



  • Provide a record of your time spent training in writing from your former instructors

  • Provide a copy of your previous rank certification

  • undergo a three-month skill assessment by a schools head instructor at each rank after passing the test. This is also to familarize your self with our Krav Maga approach as it is different from many of the big organizations.



Q.Why can I not get a direct rank recognition?



A. We have trained with various Krav Maga organizations around the world and various individuals. And for a variety of reasons we have concluded that there is a simply lack of quality in instructors and ranking standards globally. In addition our program is what we consider a complete program and included aspects such as tactical shooting that other schools or programs do not include in their regular ranking system. It is our goal to bring back standards to the Krav Maga community and offer a complete program to allow individuals who meet the requirements to defend themselves against any and all forms of attacks including ones that may be seen and police or military only. In addition, we have raised the bar drastically for all levels so that if you earn a black belt you have the skill set of an intro level SF’s operator. This is the only way we can insure that you can truly defend yourself and your family in any situation.


Q. But I already did testing and it was hard, why do I have to do it again?


A. How much is your life worth to you? In our experience much of the testing out there does not really test you under pressure and we want to make sure you can truly react when you need to. Besides, if you did it once you can do it again. Real life attacks can come at any time in any place, you should want to know for sure that your skills are really as good as you have been told.



Q. I am more physically talented than other students why do I have to put in the same amount of time?


A. again our training is about real life not physical athleticism. While yes being athletic is definitely a bonus it does not guarantee you can always defend yourself under pressure. We have personally witnessed in different armies individuals who were physically gifted fall apart under pressure and watched at those who struggle physically rise to the challenge when they are asked to. The only way to ensure that you can truly perform in a real situation is to put in the time and build your “muscle memory” so that your reactions occur without thinking. This has nothing to do with physical skill but it is about proper training and practice.



Q. But you have seen videos of my performance and skill, can this be good enough?


A.No! A video can easily be choreographed and your reactions can be memorized. This is a terrible method for assessing a person's true ability to react under pressure and without knowing what will happen. In addition to this our testing requires not only physical and mental testing but also knowledge testing. As you rise up the ranks we expect you to know things like the history of Krav Maga, the various organizations in Krav Maga as well as general Martial arts knowledge. It is not good enough to simply be able to do, but you must also know why you are doing it.



Q. Why am I required to get a Canadian Firearms Licence or local equivalent in order to test for green belt or higher?


A.Everything you need to know to defend yourself from basic physical attacks is included in the white-orange belt curriculum. Krav Maga, really doesn't, nor should it have too many physical reactions to various attacks. We must keep it simple and easy to learn. Many organizations have added filler moves that are not really practical or based in reality to make it seem like there is a lot to learn. The fact is there isn't. However, our program goes beyond basic self defense and takes it to the next level. You must be ready for anything and everything as such at the higher levels we begin to really teach offensive techniques in knife, stick and firearms. As such we must know that you are a person of good moral and legal character. We will NOT teach a person who cannot provide us with a firearms licence and/or a complete police background check the advanced tactics. This is non-negotiable as it is for both legal reason and moral reasons. If you have a serious criminal history with violent crimes etc.. we are really are not interested in teaching you in the first place so please look somewhere else. Remember, we are a privately run company and reserve the right to refuse service.


Q. Is Sparring required for testing?


A.Yes, the majority of the tests require sparring. Sparring is one of the only real ways we can see what you are made of and if you can remain defensive when tired, stressed and under pressure. If you are not ready for sparring then you do not have to but you cannot test for coloured belts with out it.

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